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The Gift of Transparency

The Gift of Transparency

Have you ever noticed how good it makes you feel when a friend allows you to see their imperfections? Suddenly you no longer feel the need to be perfect yourself, or to measure up to what your idea of their idea of perfection is.

This is a concept I have long been aware of but have struggled with personally through much of my life, especially in my younger years. I often felt I had to hide my true self out of fear that others wouldn’t think I was good enough, or may even think I was goofy. This inability to share your authentic self keeps others from really knowing you. It also keeps you from becoming who you were created to be, because you are so busy trying to be the person you think everyone wants you to be that you never get the opportunity to be you.
One of the elements of the wisdom that comes with age is the shedding of this idea that we must be perfect to be loveable. Not far from turning 60, I am finally getting better at losing some of the burden of thinking I have to pretend I am someone I am not. How liberating!

Not long ago I had the blessing of allowing myself to be truly seen, and the best part of that experience was that I think it blessed someone else in the process. During a conversation with an acquaintance who is a peer in my professional industry, I let my guard down. This is someone who is highly respected by our peers, someone who seems to have it all together. During our conversation, she allowed the slightest hint that she is feeling disheartened with some things right now, and I decided I’m going in. The door was ajar, and I pushed it wide open, sharing with her how I have been feeling about some things, and she immediately responded in kind.

What a blessing! We both learned we are not alone! Not only are we not alone, but someone we respect and admire is in a similar place. So maybe we’re not so crazy after all! (Or if we are, at least we’re in good company!)

When was the last time you allowed yourself to be truly seen? Is there someone you could bless today by allowing them to see the real, imperfect you? You will find it liberating, and in the process may find a piece of yourself you’ve been missing!