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About Suzette

Suzette has a passion for personal and spiritual growth and is a lover of all things creative.  Her passions include writing, painting, music, cooking, jewelry design … the list goes on.  She is a true believer in the book Refuse to Choose.  God has blessed her in so many ways, and her purpose is to share everything she learns in an effort to make a difference for others.

Although she published her first novel in 2023, Suzette has been a lifelong writer. A creative in many areas, she is also a musician / vocalist and visual artist. The former lead singer of the popular Upstate New York country rock band Brahma, followed by solo performances in Central Florida in the 2000's, she now focuses more on her writing and painting.

Suzette connects with her readers through a private book club on Facebook called Suzy's Book Club. Lovers of women's fiction are invited to join this group of supportive women.

Suzette lives in Central Florida with her husband, Danny, her dog, Abby, and loves spending time with her family and friends.