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Tides of Change - Book #2 in the Journeys of the Heart Series

  • $10.99

In the captivating sequel to the award-winning "Canvas of Healing" from the Journeys of the Heart series, we delve deeper into the lives of Megan and Sam as they navigate the intricacies of parenthood with young Blake—while the friends, family, and chosen family surrounding them are plunged into journeys of their own.

Once a mystery to Megan in their earlier days in Destin, Florida, Anita embarks on a fresh chapter in Lakeland. As the layers of her past unfold, a history that shaped her into a reserved, solitary figure is revealed and the bond between Megan and Anita strengthens. Can Megan help her find redemption and happiness in life's latter stage?

Meanwhile, Barbara, having risen from the shadows of a haunting tragedy during her stay at the Destin Women’s Mission, attempts to reclaim her professional status. But the arrival of a new partner at her law firm hints at unforeseen challenges that await her. Will she conquer these uncharted waters and protect her newfound strength?

"Tides of Change" also introduces us to the resilient Jasmine, a teenager from the Lakeland Center for Girls. As Jasmine grapples with the turmoil of her home life, Anita's fierce protective instincts kick in. Yet will Anita's care for Jasmine jeopardize her own newfound contentment?

As the narrative unfolds at the Art & Soul retreats with Anita at the helm, we also encounter Doreen and Stephanie—a mother-daughter duo concealing their own secrets. This tale is a testament to the power of faith, friendship, and grace in mending fractured souls and fostering transformative growth—an emotional odyssey that underscores the resilience of the human spirit against life’s turbulent currents, where love and connection are the ultimate lifelines.


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