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Canvas of Healing, Book #1 in the Journeys of the Heart Series

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Megan Hart has it all . . . a lakefront house, standing midday tennis dates with a crew of see-and-be-seen ladies of status in Lakeland, and an enviable husband. But in the depths of Megan's seemingly perfect life, tragedy strikes with the sudden death of her beloved Blake, unveiling a hidden world of secrets—a web of lies that unravels everything Megan thought she knew. Seeking solace amid the ruins of her shattered world, Megan finds herself drawn back to Destin, the place where their love once bloomed.

There, in the tender embrace of grief, Megan encounters Sam, an enigmatic figure harboring secrets of his own. As their connection deepens, Megan senses there is more to Sam than meets the eye, a magnetic pull that ignites her curiosity. Yet just as their friendship begins to blossom, Megan stumbles directly upon her former husband's secret in the flesh: Tabitha. Determined to uncover every detail of the truth and protect her assets, Megan's focus becomes infiltrating Tabitha's world.

While embarking on a journey of self-discovery and the chaos of her newfound reality, Megan must grapple with confronting her darkest demons and incorporating tools into her life to paint a brighter future—under the guidance of unexpected friendships and the power of vulnerability. Will Megan crumble as she uncovers the truths that lie hidden in the shadows of her past? Or will she find her path back to the light, to healing, with the strength to paint a brighter future one brushstroke at a time?

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